The owners of this Sheffield home had lived in their house for most of their family lives. They came to us asking that we look at the complete redesign of all the existing spaces to modernise and reinvent the internal layout and circulation to meet their changing needs and make the most of the light and views on the site.

The original house was a four-storey family home. The house had served the Client well as their family grew up but now was an opportunity to reimagine it to suit the Client in the future. The existing layout was reconfigured with new sleeping spaces on the ground floor and single and double height living spaces on the first floor to enjoy far reaching views over Graves Park and beyond over Sheffield.

One of the main issues with the original house was a winding circulation that cut the house in half and took up a lot of space. The Client also had several collections, including a lot of books and family memories that needed to be preserved and celebrated.

This led to the idea of the vertical library – a means of linking the house from the main entrance on the ground floor through an atrium all the way up to a private study in the top floor overlooking the living spaces below. This would allow clear visual connections to the various rooms and spaces but also displayed the important collections and memories where they could be enjoyed daily.

The design was therefore for a winding oak stair with a continuous run of birch ply shelving that runs through the house and can be glimpsed from all the living spaces. Being on the eastern side of the house the Client is already enjoying how the light travels around the atrium, stairs, shelves and walls. Starting in the basement the stair and shelving extends over 4 floors and terminates in a mezzanine study space overlooking the double height living space.

As well as reinventing many spaces, some of the existing spaces were retained, extended and celebrated including the timber panelled entrance hall to the house.