Flaxley Road is a collaborative project with Selby Big Local and an enthusiastic partnership group formed from the local community. We have been helping the partnership group to consult the wider community to establish their needs and requirements for a new community space and helping to visualise how a former co-operative shop space could be reimagined to help facilitate the creation of these spaces.

Selby Big Local purchased the former shop space at the heart of the Flaxley Road area in order to transform it into a new community space. Rather than dictating what this should be for the community, we have been working with them on the project in a collaborative design process to help understand the issues of the local community, consider how the shop could be reimagined to help address these issues and facilitate design workshops to allow the group to develop their ideas into reality. This has involved a pop-up consultation day in the local park, developing a physical 3D design model that can be altered and changed as the ideas evolve and engaging the community group through games and group workshops on design ideas and outcomes.

We have also been co-ordinating work in the shop on practical issues of safety and access, arranging for asbestos to be removed and the space to be made safe for the community to access. In the coming months the space will start to transform into a hub for the community.