Thread were one of 4 practices invited by the RIBA East Midlands to participate in a design charrette to redesign the entrance to Broxtowe Park from a neighbouring housing estate.

The estate had suffered from anti-social behaviour and the entrance to the park was littered with bollards, CCTV cameras and even anti-tank rocks. This left an unwelcoming environment that didn’t celebrate the estates proximity to the country park. Rather than propose further “designed” discouraging furniture to block the entrance, we instead proposed a new approach to the problem by working with the local community on the park entrance to see what they would like to happen there to enable them to take ownership of the landscape. Working with a landscape architect our proposal, Changed Priorities, supported a collaborative design process.

In our scenario model, this resulted in an overlap between the park and estate, with a shared landscape of parkland and housing estate merging together with meandering paths and interventions allowing the community to interact and take ownership of the landscape.