Currently at concept development stage we are working on this design for a new house on a sloping woodland site in Yorkshire.

The house is made up of two primary forms. The stone protective element is for sleeping and runs across the contours to elevate the glazed opening to two of the bedrooms and give them views out into the tree canopies. The brick element is more open and runs with the contours allowing light in and views out over the site. Both forms are joined with a glass and timber link that’s forms the entrance and additional living space and will appear to float above the site.

The overall site strategy has been carefully considered to make the best use of the levels, maintain existing trees on the site and take in different aspects of the views out into the woodland. The mixture of materials reflects the adjacent urban context but also are respond in the site as the openings formed open out to the trees.

We are now developing the design further towards a full planning application.