We’ve been continuing to develop the concept design for the creation of a new community space in Selby.

Recently this has been by helping the community group make potentially difficult decisions from a series of feasibility options in an enjoyable way through our invented ‘Selby Dollar’ game! We presented the group with a shopping list of items that had come up in the design options and discussions to date and gave them a budget of Selby Dollars to spend. The group worked in pairs to decide what they would spend their budget on, in the process prioritising what was essential “must haves” and what would be “nice to haves” as well as determining overall majority decisions on the items in question.

It was a great way to help the group to start to understand the issues of costs, budget and prioritising items from the long list of an initial brief, and have some fun in the process! Alongside this we went back to the shop and started to mark out some of the spaces that we had been discussing on the floor of the existing shop. Showing the size of the proposed spaces at 1:1 scale alongside our sketches, models and drawings really helped to visualise the space and what it could be.