“We came across Thread by chance, having seen them at a pop-up stall in Sheffield and later recognising them online. From the very first they were active, interested and flexible, especially since we were planning a straw based eco build which meant them learning a few new tricks.

We had developed a number of designs prior to getting Thread on board, and they took all of these on board, looking at our priorities and producing a modern, very bright design which was professional, quite “architect”, but also designed with a first (and last) time builder in mind.

We had had long discussions with Planning, which Thread cut straight through, and got us the plan we wanted first time. We agreed that they would see us through Planning to Building and that from the final plans we would make do with a watching brief and an occasional look over our shoulders and calm voice on the end of the phone for advice.

That said, they remained involved and interested, and also, (essential for us), calmly and helpfully answering what in hindsight I realise were really simple beginners’ questions. They have come to two volunteer weekends, where we were putting in straw, a fun job and even more fun with a lot of people involved.

All in all, I would recommend Thread to anyone, either wanting a design to be project managed to end, or, as in our case, to do the initial work and then stand back. They have at all times been friendly, interested and flexible. And we built a house, with their help, that we are immensely proud of and pleased with.”

Steve and Rashida – Tibshelf Straw Bale House