This week we received some photographs from Karina Lax Photography of a couple of our projects that were completed last year. Both projects were for works to 1930’s properties and involved bespoke storage solutions for the clients collections.

Havercroft Road involved internal alterations and a single storey rear extension to a semi-detached property.

On the ground floor the rear extension took advantage of the sloped back garden to create a split level extension with new kitchen overlooking a sunken living space that opened to the rear garden.

The clients had a vast library of books that needed a home. Built in bespoke book shelving with a sliding library ladder allowed for a full height wall of books in the new living space that flows through to bespoke cupboards in the dining and living space to house a turntable, record collection and a hidden bar.

The bespoke furniture was commissioned by the client from Sweet Adeline and works beautifully in the spaces.


Cloonmore involved the complete renovation and reinvention of a 4 storey townhouse. The project retained the 1930s exterior and features in the original hallway, before leading through to a glazed atrium at the rear.

The atrium connects all floors of the house through the bespoke shelving and staircase that allow the clients to display and enjoy their collections throughout the house.

The shelving was designed with the clients to ensure the spaces fitted items they wanted to display, including a shelf for the original cardboard concept models of the project!

We always keep in touch with our clients throughout the build process and beyond. After completion a rectification period ensures that any little snags that come up after the builders have left can be fixed. New built walls often settle slightly and hairline cracks appearing in plaster and finishes are common, we can help to check that this is nothing more serious. It is also useful to ensure that new systems installed, such as heating, are tested in all seasons before giving final sign off.

We also really enjoy seeing how the spaces are occupied by clients and change over the seasons. Coming up to a year since it was finished, the clients from Cloonmore sent us this photo of the summer sun in the atrium stairwell that currently greets them on their way to breakfast in the mornings. Quite a change from the original stairwell!