Our portfolio of work continues to grow and includes a wide range of residential extensions, one-off new houses, community projects and commercial work. Our variety of experience allows us to develop our design approach when working with a range of clients, from businesses to community groups, schools, families and individuals.

Every project is unique, yet there are principles and themes that run through our work and we have brought these together into a thread architects design approach manifesto:


We gather information, test and explore throughout the process to develop and clarify the design approach. We are committed to continued exploration and innovation to keep our ideas and knowledge fresh.
A new home on a tricky site that has just been granted planning permission, designed in close consideration of the site contours, ecology and woodland context.


We love the process of design and construction; taking an idea, developing the details and turning it into reality. As the project progresses, we ensure key ideas and elements of the design are kept clear and a high-quality finish is achieved.
A working weekend at our straw bale client’s site, getting hands on with the build.


We work together, as a practice, with our clients, and with other professionals to make design a collaborative process. We are approachable and actively encourage participation in our work.
A design workshop with a community library group.


We create our designs using a range of media to develop designs and bring ideas to life. We believe architecture should be accessible to all and has the power to bring transformative individual and social change.
Design development models for a commercial development and extension project.


As well as being functional we believe design should lift the spirit and bring joy to the places we live and work. We love breathing new life into existing buildings and creating new spaces which make everyday experiences more enjoyable.
A vertical library alongside a stairwell for a residential renovation project.

Working in close collaboration with clients and partners we look to create a clear shared vision and ambition for the project, through an open process of concept and design development that allows clients to understand and take an active role in the design process. We communicate at each stage verbally and with a range of drawings, models and progress reports to allow our clients to make informed and confident decisions.

Our projects are always unique as each client has a new site, new experience and new ideas. We listen and work closely with you to explore and unlock the potential of the project. This is what keeps our work exciting and our designs developing.

If you have a project in mind that needs exploring, contact us here.