We really enjoyed 2018 and are looking forward to 2019. We hope you have a brilliant year.

If you have been following us on Instagram, you will have seen that we counted down to 2019 with 20 groups of images celebrating the range of work we have been involved with in the last 12 months. We have been lucky enough to have worked on a wide-ranging variety of projects. These have included:

Residential extensions, reimaginations, refurbishments and new builds;
Community projects creating new community hubs;
Modern extensions and alterations to listed buildings and designs in conservation areas;
New modern workplaces;
Conservation and restoration;
Masonry, timber frame, SIP construction and straw bale contractor led and self-builds;
Working with craftspeople on specialist interior design;
Community consultation and urban improvement projects.

We love this diversity and how the range of work helps us learn new ideas and skills that we can then reapply to current and future projects. We also believe that this variety is our strength as a practice as it maintains our enthusiasm and freshness to our thinking.

In 2019 we will be publishing a manifesto that will describe how Thread Architects will approach and involve others in all their work, so watch this space. For now, what we strive to ensure is consistency throughout all our projects with exceptional quality of design, creating beautiful and crafted spaces in close design collaboration within the studio and with our clients and stakeholders. We hope, whatever your project, you will consider working with us this coming year.