Following on from our blog about building new homes in the countryside through Paragraph 79 , we’ve seen this plot in Cawthorne, Barnsley come up for sale by auction with Mark Jenkinson Property Specialists.

Plot for sale in Cawthorne, Barnsley

The site contains a derelict 17th Century stone cottage that is considered to be “abandoned” in planning terms (it certainly looks it in the pictures!) and the land sits in greenbelt land, so we understand that if you were looking to develop the plot it may need to be through Paragraph 79. The details note that any development or restoration is subject to formal planning, this does not mean that planning approval is guaranteed but the evidence of historic development may help the chances of approval. It looks like a beautiful rural site with lovely countryside views.

Plot for sale in Cawthorne, Barnsley

If you’re thinking of purchasing this site (or any other property through an auction), do as much research as possible – read the full details and legal pack, visit the site, perhaps give the local planning department a call to ask if any enquiries have been made already. In this case the local authority is Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. You could also  get in touch with a professional, such as an architect or planning consultant, who could help you review the possibilities of the site. We’re always happy to have an initial look at sites to give some initial advice. You can contact us here.


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