54 Rupert Road was a typical semi-detached 1930s Sheffield house. The owners, Maria and David, approached us to create light, open, contemporary spaces. However, the only vacant space was a sloping driveway only 2445mm wide.

Using the slope of the site to our advantage, what the plot lacked in width was made for in height and connections to outside. This is reflected at its best in the Play Room where the space steps down and opens to the front of the house, and the Bedroom with its vaulted ceilings and views to the sky and cherry tree in the back garden.

Our son loves the floor to ceiling windows in his play room, allowing him to watch the world go by outside while he plays. And the timber screen means that although we have full view out, the insight is limited so you never feel exposed.

The timber frame of the extension, selected for ease of construction, provides a highly insulated addition to the property. Externally the extension is clad in vertical board on board cedar, with alternating boards removed to form the feature privacy screen to the Playroom. The verticality of the cladding is broken up with horizontal bands of aluminium aligning openings at the front and back. The existing house is wrapped in insulated render and tied to the extension with a brick plinth that extends out to create a welcoming entrance from Rupert Road.

We were a bit worried about how the neighbours would receive our extension. But we needn’t have worried. The response we have got has been consistently positive and for the first couple of months, we couldn’t leave the house without someone commenting, asking questions or complimenting us on the extension. It has certainly been a talking point in the area.