03rd to 11th May 2014 is National Custom and Self Build Week, an event organised by the National Self Build Association and Grand Designs Live. A wide-ranging programme of events are planned throughout the country to help millions of Britons turn their self-build dreams into reality.  

We are doing our bit by moving our office into the heart of Chesterfield Market Hall for the day on Thursday 08th May to coincide with the monthly farmers’ market. By popping up in a temporary office set in the heart of a local town we intend to raise awareness of self-building in the East Midlands and beyond. We also want to demonstrate what an architect can do to help achieve dream projects. We recently read a survey by InBuilding.org that found a shocking 15% of people didn’t know that architects design buildings and 72% didn’t know that architects apply for planning permissions! Hopefully by putting our office and work on display in a busy market hall, the people of Chesterfield will start to understand the benefits and value of using a professional to help with projects.

The East Midlands branch of the Royal Institute of British Architects have kindly provided us with support for the event as well as information on using an architect for your home that will also be available for the public to take away during the day.

ThreadShed #2 – Pop up office

The stand itself is a self-build project, ThreadShed#2. It is conceived as a deconstructed home with front door leading to a living room exhibition of self-build projects and with information on the National Self Build Association and self-build week. Across a playroom courtyard the other half of the home becomes our office, set up with drawings, models and details of the process of building a home, from initial ideas to moving in. We’ll be on the stand all day, working on current live projects and on hand to answer any queries on the information displayed or even for one-to-one sessions on projects.

The atrium of Chesterfield Market Hall is a great space, a recently refurbished double height covered hall with shops lining the perimeter and lively café at its heart – we hope our intervention does the space justice and provokes some interest amongst the busy market shoppers. The Market is open from 9am to 4pm, and we’ll be there from start to finish. If you would like to arrange to come along to talk about the event, or sit down with us to discuss anything on your own self-build project, feel free to pop along during the day or call us in advance on 07975 578 577 or 07975 578 578 to arrange a time and we’ll make sure we are free.

Look forward to seeing you there!