Manor Academy, RIBA Education Workshop

We joined RIBA East Midlands at The Manor Academy in Mansfield to run an education workshop for upcoming year 7 students on a transition day from their surrounding primary schools.

The workshop day at The Manor Academy was undertaken as part of the work of the RIBA East Midlands Education Group, in partnership with the school, Mansfield Learning Partnership and Business in the Community. The session took the form of a 'Forgotten Space' competition, with the school finding a site on the school grounds that is currently unused for the students to develop. The brief for the pupils to work in groups of 5 to develop the site as a 'work, rest or play' space.

The pupils were amazingly creative in their ideas. Places for rest developed into an iPod charging convertible car, an oversized sofa that provided a quiet space within as well as a climbing wall above and an island retreat accessed only via a bridge over a moat. Play spaces became circus tents, cinemas and elaborate climbing frames weaving between the trees on the site. Spaces to work became reading shelters, libraries or outdoor classrooms.

We were really impressed with the pupils’ creativity and work rate and we really hope we inspired some budding designers!