Knightsbridge Court, Chesterfield

Visualising how to bring a vacant grade II listed former magistrates court house back into use.

We are excited to be involved in the new development of Knightsbridge Court in Chesterfield, the former magistrates court building. Designed by Professor Joseph Stanely Allen, a renowned architect, planner and academic the building was completed in 1965 and is arguably the town’s best example of twentieth century architecture, becoming Grade II listed in 1998. It has stood empty on and off for the last few years and has started to become a focus of vandalism and lose its connection to the town.

We have started the process of reimagining how the building, that was designed so well as law courts based on the form of two books of law opening together, could be brought back to life. New mixed uses are being considered and we are looking forward to working with future users to help create vibrant and stunning spaces.