Highway ReCode – Streetscape Newcastle

We reimagined streets in Newcastle as part of the RIBA North East StreetScape competition, which looked to improve use of the city for all in light of the Silver Linings Report published by the RIBA earlier in 2014 and Newcastle’s commitment to being an Age Friendly City.

Our proposal sought to re-prioritise junctions on the edges of the pedestrianized city centre for the pedestrian rather than the car, using road junctions on each of the compass points as a defined public space. North became an Education Corner, linking to the nearby university, with live interactive streaming social media hubs broadcasting the latest news and allowing formal and informal debate. The East became a Theatre underpass with rising bollard seats that could be a buskers' heartland in the day and transformed to an open air theatre in the evening. The South became a social space on a crossroads allowing for tea dances and afternoon tea goers to mingle with shoppers. The West of the city is the closest point to St James Park, taking on this sports use, road markings form a street games area with enlarged zebra crossings prioritise pedestrians and rise from the ground to close the road and form tiered seating for spectators to view the sports junction.

Our scheme was one of the shortlisted entries and put on display in the RIBA Architruck in Newcastle.