PopUp Architects

PopUp Architects is our own self-build project - a pop-up architects office and travelling exhibition space to take our work and promote architecture to the wider public.

The design is conceived as a deconstructed home with front door leading to a living room exhibition of self-build projects and with information on the organisations that can help with advice on self-build projects. Across a playroom courtyard the other half of the home becomes our office, set up with drawings, models and details of the process of building a home, from initial ideas to moving in. With us working in-situ and on hand to answer any questions that might also pop-up from visitors.

The pop-up itself follows principles of simple self-build construction using modular panels of readily available materials - OSB sheets framed with timber battens all simply bolted together wherever it needs to stand, collapsing to a flat pack jigsaw for transportation and storage.

We have visited a variety of locations, from a shop basement, to Sheffield Town Hall, to Sheffield Winter Gardens. In January 2016 three other companies joined us in a collaborative, month long pop-up in a shop in the Winter Gardens called Sheffield Stories. The month long event gave each practice a week to exhibit, research and educate on their area of expertise. We ran an event on self and custom building, bringing together aspiring self builders with current self-builders, contractors, consultants and developers to give an overview on the process. 

If you know of a location or event that we could pop-up at next, let us know!